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Remco Tevreden

Your project manager

I have been helping all sorts of organizations structuring their work and processes more efficiently. Smart, Paperless, Online solutions and Efficiency are keywords which are the basis of most of our projects. I believe in the power of working with teams of the best freelancers, specified on the project. I do not work alone, I am not a programmer…..I use my 15+ years management experience to advise companies working SMARTer.

Some Facts About Me:

  • Management background
  • 15+ years of experience
  • Proud father of two kids 😉
  • “Can we do this easier?”
  • Responsible
  • Also active in Sportsmanagement


Some of our (inter)national clients


Why Work With Me?


Innovation does not automatically means expensive. Let us first analyze your situation, and see how we can make some quick wins!

I've been there

During 15+ yrs I have managed different projects in Finance, IT, Facility, Marketing….. and have seen/ experienced much waste of time/ resources. I approach projects from a managerial perspective.


Do you want somebody neutral to look at your department, your workflow or your output? Let’s meet and find that lightbulb that will help you to the next level.


Don’t keep working on the same repetitive tasks over and over, day in day out…. Let’s make that piece of the puzzle that frees up time, saves money, and gets you more satisfied customers


Some of our projects

We can support business with a range of online solutions like the following: smartphone app development, sms marketing, paperless solutions, webdevelopment, workflow analysis and projectmanagement.


Our aim is to help companies and organizations operate SMARTer

Online education

- Webinars, Courses -

Online education

The world of education has changed! Let's innovate & get out of the traditional classrooms.

Your web/ smartphone application

- Business dashboards, Paperless -

Your own web application

Do NOT adapt to other software, but build your own software that fits you completely

Online dashboards

- Reports, graphs 24/7 available -

Online dashboard

Online dashboards provide you with the numbers, important to take strategic decisions for your company, project or team.


- Management, Marketing, Teambuilding -


An extra set of eyes can be that breakthrough that you are looking for.

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3 Short Steps to start your Project
  • 1. Requirements

    In a personal meeting we will discuss your requirements, feasibility and possible solutions. The focus will be on efficiency, and analysis of current workflows.

  • 2. Blueprint

    The next step will be the design of the blueprint, which will needs the approval of the client to go to the next step.

  • 3. Planning

    The planning of the execution, testing and implementation will be done in the last phase. Of course we provide training and continuous support if needed.


Let’s Have A Chat!

Let’s connect and talk about the next level you would like to reach with your company, organization, product or project.


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